Brighton Black and White Photowalk

Back in July, I attended a photowalk which took place in my hometown, Brighton.

It was organised by @anilmistryphoto and was in conjunction with Lomography.

As you can see from the cover photo (taken by @anilmistryphoto), there was quite a good turn out of people.

It was a black and white film photowalk and we were all given a roll of the 35mm Lomography Berlin Kino film to try:

I already had some of this film at home so decided to pre load my camera with it before I attended the walk. It was going to be a bit of a rainy day so I didn’t want to take any of my really expensive cameras out with me.

In the end I decided to take the Lomography Rocket Sprocket Camera since it was a Lomography themed walk:

Unfortunately after loading the film and attempting to wind on, I soon realised there was a problem with the camera. The white dot which shows in the top when the next photo is ready to be taken, just wasn’t moving around after the first shot. I then went to my garden to take some test photos to check if this was definitely a problem but it was. I couldn’t therefore tell when the film had been wound on sufficiently for the next shot.

I therefore had to try and wind the film back but it was all guess work on this camera. I didn’t manage to wind it back fully but didn’t want to waste the film so thought I’d risk it and re-loaded the film into my Olympus Trip 35 camera.

We all met at Brighton station to a bit of drizzly rain but thankfully the rain didn’t end up being too severe to not be able to take any photos.

My gamble from re-loading the film didn’t pay off and most of the roll of the photos taken on the walk were fogged. Here are a couple of photos that I did manage to salvage:

Whilst it was disappointing that all my photos didn’t turn out, I completely acknowledge that it was my fault and I should have just started with a fresh roll of film rather than try and use the other one which clearly had been exposed to light.

I suppose this is another learning curve of film photography for me.

However, I really enjoyed the photowalk and meeting new people who also have a passion for film photography. It was great fun and I’m really looking forward to another one.

For anybody interested in attending these photowalks in the future, please see Anil Mistry’s website and follow him on instagram for photowalk updates:

In the meantime, I’ve tested the Sprocket Rocket camera again with another roll of film but the problem is still occurring. I’ve contact Lomography regarding my camera as I’ve only had it for around a year and it wasn’t that cheap when bought brand new, so I’m really disappointed that it is now broken.

Instagram: natalie_smart_photography

4 thoughts on “Brighton Black and White Photowalk

  1. Bummer they didn’t all come out, but the fogged vignette effect on the top image is really cool. I have started researching the Olympus Trip 35 since it seems like a really neat camera, but I’m not sure whether I’m ready to drop the prices being asked on eBay or other sites for one in really good condition.

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    • Yes they can be pricey….I had to shop around for a while before I found one at a price with the Chrome shutter that I was happy to pay. Have you checked Depop? They have some cheaper ones on there (as well as some more expensive ones!) that seem to be in perfect order 👍

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will look there, thanks for the tip! I have been reading up a bit on them and want to make sure the metering works properly. Something about a “red flag” in the viewfinder that works with the selenium cell. I really like the idea of a mechanical P&S camera that doesn’t require as much effort as my SLR’s.

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