Essential Hasselblad Accessories

Since purchasing my Hasselblad, there have been a couple of accessories which I feel have been essential for the camera.

In one of my other blogs, I mentioned that when I bought my Hasselblad, I also purchased a camera strap.

I bought an original Hasselblad camera strap and I also previously mentioned that I had the choice of a thin leather strap and a thicker fabric one.

In the end I had decided on the thicker strap because the thinner strap easily slipped off my shoulder and also wasn’t as comfortable because it dug into my shoulder.

Here is a picture of the strap I got with my Hasselblad:

Whilst I don’t think it’s as nice looking at the thin leather one, it certainly has been very practical when carrying the camera and when taking my photos, it helps me to balance the camera and keep the frame as straight as possible without a tripod.

The other essential item which I knew I needed for the Hasselblad would be a case.

I don’t tend to use a ‘specialised’ camera bag as I tend to take photos everyday when I”m out and about so tend to put my camera in a handbag. I also find a lot of camera bags quite bulky which isn’t great for me. Admittedly, the Hasselblad doesn’t fit into a small handbag but it fits fine in one of my small rucksacks and also my bigger rucksacks.

However, I was worried about the Hasselblad getting scratched if just put in a bag by itself.

On eBay I came across a UK seller called ‘studentphotostore’ who were selling new leather cases for the Hasselblad 5 series cameras. They are made of genuine leather and have a lovely textured grain. They’re not an official Hasselblad case but are based on the original version and also have a Hasselblad stamp and logo on the case.

Here are some photos of the case:

It’s not the cheapest of cases as it costs Β£69.99 but since I spent quite a lot of money on the camera, I feel it warrants a decent case to protect it.

I’ve certainly not been disappointed by this case. It really is lovely and has kept my camera nice and safe when it is carried around in my rucksacks.

I currently have an 80mm lens on my Hasselblad which I’m really happy with but if at some stage, I wanted to add a slightly bigger lens, there is enough room in the case to accommodate this.

From the same eBay seller, I also purchased a really cool Hasselblad shutter button:

Unfortunately when I received the shutter button I was very disappointed because the button thread was too small for my shutter trigger:

I therefore had no choice but to return it which was a shame. I did ask the seller for a replacement if they had accidentally sent me the wrong one but they just refunded me in the end.

As I learn more with the camera, there may be more things that I want to add but for now, I’m really happy with everything I currently own for it.

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10 thoughts on “Essential Hasselblad Accessories

  1. Even if it’s a lot of time since this article came out may I ask you if there is some sort of mechanism that keeps the bag attached to the hasselblad when you shoot? or you have to pull out the camera as you would do with a normal bag and put the case somewhere else while shooting? Thanks

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