Trip Zine Issue 2

A Couple of months ago, I blogged about a new magazine that had recently been published called Trip Zine.

The magazine is completely dedicated to photos taken on the Olympus Trip 35 camera.

Trip Zine recently had asked for submissions for their upcoming second issue and I was pleased to find out that three of my photos taken on the Olympus Trip had made it into the magazine:

Trip Zine Issue 2 can be purchased at

Instagram: natalie_smart_photography

6 thoughts on “Trip Zine Issue 2

  1. This is really cool. One of my goals as I get back into film photography is to submit to literary magazines, as they often look for photos and it intersects with my primary hobby of writing. If I might ask, how did you run across this? Just randomly found the magazine and submitted when you saw their request?

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    • Thank you 😊 I was first made aware of this magazine via Instagram when the first issue came out for sale which I bought. Tripzine then put out a request for submissions when they were looking at printing a second issue so I submitted some photos which ended up being chosen to be in the second issue 👍

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