Shooting black and white film with the Lubitel 166B

Following on from my recent blog about using the Lubitel 166B camera for the first time and after being quite impressed with the photos I took with some colour 120mm film, I knew I wanted to try out some black and white film in the camera.

I had some Lomography Lady Grey 400 120mm black and white film in my stash so promptly loaded the camera with it and had a walk along Brighton Beach.

I’m still getting used to the camera so there were again some wonky photos but that aside, I was really impressed with the overall style of the black and white photos that the camera produced.

Here are some of the photos I took and you can judge for yourselves:


I’m definitely going to be shooting more black and white film with this camera, perhaps with some different makes of film to see the difference in the photos.

Instagram: natalie_smart_photography

4 thoughts on “Shooting black and white film with the Lubitel 166B

  1. I’ve read both good and bad about the Lubitel, but it looks like you’re getting good results. And if your experience with the camera and the images makes you happy, that’s awesome! 🙂 Lots of nice grain from the Lady Grey. I’ll need to go look at your archives, but have you shot with any other TLR’s?

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    • Thanks Shaun 😊 This is the first TLR that I’ve ever used. To be honest, this style of camera never really appealed to me before but I really do love the style of photo the Lubitel takes which makes the whole experience of getting to know this type of camera worth it to me. It will be interesting to see the photos it takes with other types of black and white film 👍


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