Interview with Lomography

I recently did an interview with Lomography which has now been published in their online magazine about the Highgate Cemetery Workshop I attended in October.

Check out the interview and photos here.

Instagram: natalie_smart_photography

7 thoughts on “Interview with Lomography

      • Yes, there is one in New York, but that is a bit of a trip to go visit. There used to be more of them, like the closest one to me was in Austin, which is about 80 miles from me. It was great, I went to a couple of workshops at it. But they closed it. They closed a lot of their stores for whatever reason. Which means New York, the closest one is almost 2,000 miles away. There is one in Monterey Mexico, but getting through the border right now I hear is an ordeal.


      • I didn’t even realize they had stores in the US. I’ll need to visit the NYC one next time I’m in the area. Honestly, until I recently began reading up more on it, I just thought Lomography was the brand name of the cameras. I didn’t realize there were more elements to it like workshops and an online magazine.

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