Black and White Photography with the Sprocket Rocket Camera

After trying a couple of different colour films in my Lomography Sprocket Rocket Camera, I decided to try a black and white film since I had been pleased and surprised at the quality of the colour images taken on this camera.

As the camera has limited control on exposure and distance etc, I knew it was best to stick to a 400 ISO film which Lomography recommend for this camera.

In the end I decided to try out the Kentmere 400 Black and White film since it wasn’t too expensive (£3.85) plus I wasn’t sure how the pictures would turn out.

I also needed to remember that the Kentmere film only has 24 exposures and since the Sprocket Rocket takes landscape photos, it uses two frames at a time which means I would only have 12 exposures to use in this camera.

I got the film developed at my local camera lab and scanned the negatives myself using my Epson V600 scanner. Here are some of the results:

Overall I was really happy with the images. I love the detail and depth of shade in the photos. I took the photos on a bright sunny day in Brighton.

I certainly do still love this camera and thankfully haven’t regretted my purchase (considering how expensive it was) as I’m getting a lot of use from the camera since it’s really lightweight so I can just put in my bag and take out with me and easily take photos. I now want to try some other black and white films in this camera (still with a 400 ISO) so will blog about these when I do.

Instagram: natalie_smart_photography

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