What I learnt from taking pictures yesterday with my Olympus Pen FT camera…

From my previous posts on my blog you’ll see that I absolutely love this half frame camera with it’s decent quality interchangeable lenses.

I was fortunate enough to recently acquire a 25mm wide angle lens for it and knew I wanted to go out today to take some architectural type shots using the CineStill black and white film.

I’ve only owned the camera for a few months but I can instantly tell if something isn’t quite right when taking a picture and yesterday was one of those days.

As I was stepping outside my front door with the camera in my hand I suddenly realised I hadn’t set the ISO for the film I was using (not that I would have known this while taking photos but thankfully I remembered). I quickly stepped back indoors to double check the ISO rating of the film and saw it could be 250 on a sunny day or 200 with Tungsten lighting. I set it to 250 as I was shooting outdoors on a sunny day.

When I took my first picture I noticed the shutter sounding with a ‘clunk’ and knew it didn’t sound right to me. After inspection I realised the shutter speed was at 1/30 which was too slow and no doubt my picture would have probably blurred. I then set the shutter speed to a higher 1/250. The next picture I took had the normal click sound I was familiar with so I knew I had now corrected that issue.

I also knew why the shutter speed was so low….this was because the shutter speed and ISO are on the same dial. Every time I adjust the ISO, I inevitably move the dial round so I can see the ISO before I lift the dial to adjust this. By moving the dial round I end up changing the shutter speed but normally remember to change it back.

I was confused when reading my light meter and couldn’t figure out why my lens wouldn’t go down to number 1 or 2 as per the meter reading. I then realised I was using a lens that was new to me and that I was reading the aperture numbers on the lens instead of the meter numbers which were on the under side of the lens. All I had to do was move the numbers round to my personal preference so the numbers matching the light meter were now on top of the lens and easy to read.

I estimate I perhaps messed up 2-3 photos which I think will be blurry and not exposed right due to the above mistakes.

However I’m thankful this camera has 72 images rather than 36 so to me, it doesn’t feel like a massive waste of film.

Hopefully as time progresses with me taking photos with this much loved camera, these mistakes will be avoided altogether.

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