Olympus Pen FT Lenses

When I first purchased my Olympus Pen FT (see previous post) I knew that I would like to try different lenses on it since they’re interchangeable.

I immediately fell in love with the 40mm Zuiko lens that the camera came with as it is of fantastic quality in my opinion and the photos were nice and crisp when I got them printed.

From looking at the Olympus Pen FT manual I found that a total of 17 Zuiko lenses were produced for this camera and they fell into 6 categories:

  • Standard Lens
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Telephoto Lens
  • Super-Tele-Photo Lens
  • Zoom Lens
  • Macro Lens

I knew that ideally I would like to purchase some kind of zoom or telephoto lens and also a wide angle lens for this camera. Realistically I didn’t see myself ever owning the full set as they seem to go for a fair bit of money (some cost more than the camera!) plus not all the range seem to come up for sale where I’ve currently looked.

In view of the quality of these lenses I can understand why they can potentially fetch a high price on the second hand market.

On eBay the lenses mainly come up for sale again in Japan (like the camera) and this is where they seem to be the most expensive too.

As luck would have it, when I started looking at these lenses after purchasing my camera, I saw somebody selling one in the UK on eBay which was a bid auction rather than buy it now. The lens was the 100m Auto T Telephoto Lens and it was after 11pm on a weekday evening and the lens literally had less than an hour before bidding ended.

The lens was described in excellent condition and whilst looking at this auction I also found two other of the same lens (one not in as good condition) both in buy it now auctions in the UK for £99 and £149. Admittedly the £149 lens came with the original case.

The current bid on the one ending in less than an hour was around £30 and seemed to have several bidders. I decided to go in with 10 seconds to spare and put in a maximum bid of £60 (not expecting to win). To my utter surprise I did win the lens for £46! I couldn’t believe my luck and was even happier when I received the lens and it was exactly in the condition as described. It even came with the cool ‘F’ Black and Silver metal lens cap.

Here are two half frame pictures I took using the 100mm lens using Kodak Colour Plus 200 film:


This spurred me on to continue my hunt for further lenses. I also was regularly checking in with my local second hand camera shop but they told me they rarely get these lenses in which is a shame.

My birthday was coming up and my husband offered to buy me some further lens(es) for the camera as a present if I could find anymore.

I still didn’t feel comfortable paying the prices in excess of £100 (to over £300 for some of the lenses) from Japan so my search continued.

Again, I couldn’t believe my luck when on eBay 2 x further lenses came up for sale from a UK seller who had come across them in a house clearance they had recently done and they had poorly described them in the listing as they didn’t have a clue what camera they were for.

The lenses were a 50-90mm zoom lens (Zuiko Auto Zoom) F3.5 (which included a skylight filter) and a 150mm Telephoto Lens (Zuiko Auto T) F4.0 which came with another cool ‘F’ black and silver metal lens cap.

Both lenses were described as in great condition and they had a ‘buy it now’ price of £55 each (with free postage). I instantly snapped them both up!

Again, once I received them, I wasn’t disappointed as they were both in fantastic condition as they had clearly been well looked after even though they didn’t have their original lens case.

Here are some example pictures taken on the 150mm Telephoto Lens using Cinestill 50 daylight film:


Here is a picture of me using the lens taken by my husband on our Olympus Pen EE half frame camera using Kodak Colour Plus 200 film:


Here are some pictures I took using the 50-90mm lens using Cinestill 50 daylight film:


Another great feature of theses Zuiko lenses is that they have a ‘depth of field’ focus button on the side of the lens.

I’m now currently on the search of a wide angle lens as I recently took some pictures using my 40mm lens which unfortunately were unsuccessful because the angle wasn’t wide enough and I couldn’t step far enough back. One example of this was in my friend’s classic 1965 Mustang car where I wanted to take a picture of the steering wheel but I couldn’t sit back far enough in the car to get the full wheel in on the 40mm lens.


So the hunt continues. I’ll be updating my blog with photos if I’m lucky enough to find any further lenses that are reasonably priced to add to my collection.


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4 thoughts on “Olympus Pen FT Lenses

  1. Love a bit of bargain hunting! That’s how I got my Nikon FM; it was listed as a “Nikon camera” with a 35mm f2.8 lens. Got them both for £106.99 including postage 😄

    These lenses look really good, super sharp. I hope you’re able to find a wide angle version soon. I just got a 24mm and it really makes a difference having something like that in your gear bag

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Yes I’m really happy with the lenses and my search will continue for the wide angle lens. That’s amazing that you got the Nikon FM camera and lens for that price 😱 I love to hear of other people getting bargains too 👍


  2. Lovely lenses! I’m lucky in that I never got rid of my Pen collection I’d bought back in the ’70s, so I’ve got a good range of lenses – in addition to the 38mm standard, I’ve got both the zooms, a couple of telephotos and the 25mm. They’re all just so cute! And optically there isn’t a bad one among them. I use them on a Fujifilm X-E1, which I think is the digital camera that’s closest to the original Pen F – more so even than Olympus’ own digital Pens. BTW I can confirm your friend’s advice re the Pen delayed action shutter release…

    Liked by 1 person

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