Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my blog which I created out of a passion for film photography.

I used to shoot using film cameras pre-digital age. I also love instant cameras which I have been using over the past few years when at parties etc.

I am a Hand Knitwear Designer and also have a passion for other crafts such as sewing, jewellery making and using a knitting machine but when I accidentally slipped on some ice in my garden and broke my writing arm in several places at the end of December 2017, I found I could no longer knit or do any of my other craft hobbies for several months.

For several weeks I was pretty much housebound as I had to keep my arm as still as possible to help the healing process.

Once I was able to go outside again, I saw everything with new fresh eyes and really appreciated everything around me that I’d previously taken for granted.

I still was unable to knit, write or pursue any other of my craft hobbies but I desperately needed a creative outlet.

Seeing everything around me made me want to take photos which I initially started to do with my mobile phone, then a point and shoot digital camera. As I was able to gradually move my arm more, I decided to dig out my Zeiss-Ikon Rangefinder film camera from the late 1950s which I hadn’t used in over 10 years but thought it would be fun to shoot black and white film photography.

Unfortunately when I got the film developed I discovered the shutters on my camera no longer worked (something which I had neglected to check before loading the camera with film) and after visiting several second hand camera shops I was informed it would cost three times more to repair than to just buy another one.

Although I was disappointed with the outcome of the blurred black and white pictures from my first roll of film plus the fact my lovely Zeiss-Ikon had gone to camera heaven, it renewed an old interest in me for film photography again.

I loved the whole process and excitement (like many film photographers) of taking photos and not knowing how they would turn out until they are developed.

My love of film photography began and now continues which I want to document on this blog……


Instagram: natalie_smart_photography

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